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Vernier Stir Station
Vernier Rührstation

Vernier Product Information:
The Stir Station is a high-quality, multi-function magnetic stirrer. It has a stirring capacity of 800 mL in a 1 L beaker. It works efficiently with beakers with a volume as small as 50 mL and with a wide range of sizes and shapes of magnetic stirring bars.

Here are the benefits of the Vernier Stir Station:

    * Uses a closed-loop speed control, thus making it easier to fine tune its stirring speed (50-1250 RPM).
    * Has a stirring platform that is lit with three white, cool LED bulbs. The three LEDs are positioned beneath the translucent stirring platform, and offer sufficient lighting for a wide range of beaker sizes.
    * Includes a removable 18" ring stand post conveniently positioned and affixed to the stirrer base, at a distance that will easily accommodate most buret or utility clamps.
    * Runs on either AC power (adapter included) or four C batteries (not included).
    * Is sufficiently robust to operate most common-sized magnetic stirring bars or a Vernier Microstirrer.
    * Has a chemical-resistant plastic stirring plate.
    * 25.0 x 10.0 x 5.0 cm, 460 g (without batteries).

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