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Opto-IR-Rollbahn 2,2m komplett

Vernier Product Information:
The Vernier Motion Encoder System is a complete dynamics system with carts, track, and associated hardware, featuring a novel optical motion encoder to measure cart position.

The optical motion encoder consists of three parts: a Motion Encoder Cart with a Sensor and transmitter, a Motion Encoder Receiver that connects to your interface, and a track equipped with a Motion Encoder Strip. Together they allow unparalleled ease, simplicity, and accuracy in motion measurement.

The Motion Encoder Cart replaces the ultrasonic Motion Detector when used for dynamics cart-on-track activities. An optical sensor beneath the dynamics cart senses the passage of the cart over a marked strip on the track. The position information is sent as an encoded IR signal to a receiver at the track’s end. By avoiding the possibility of stray sound reflections, this optical-only system provides excellent, repeatable, and noise-resistant motion data.

Because the position information is relayed by a narrow IR beam, multiple Motion Encoder Cart systems can be used in a single lab without interference.

If you have ever been frustrated by the need to tweak the alignment of a motion detector, you will be pleased by the data your students collect using the Vernier Motion Encoder System.

The Motion Encoder System uses the same high-quality carts and tracks of the Vernier Dynamics System. One of the two carts is equipped for optical motion encoding, and the system includes the Motion Encoder Receiver. The track has the necessary Motion Encoder Strip in place. Everything you can do with the Vernier Dynamics System can be done with the Motion Encoder System but with the added option of easy and precise optical motion sensing.

You can add a second Motion Encoder Cart and Receiver to a Motion Encoder System, allowing your students to record the positions of two carts simultaneously. Now collision experiments to study momentum and energy are very easy to configure.

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