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Arduino-compatible RedBoard 41,65 EUR
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Arduino-compatible RedBoard

Vernier product information

The SparkFun RedBoard is an Arduino-compatible board that is perfect for use with the Vernier Arduino Interface Shield. It is a surface-mount board, which is pin-for-pin compatible with a R3 3 Arduino layout. The key difference between the RedBoard and most Arduino boards is that it uses a mini-B USB connector instead of a full-size type-B USB connector.

The RedBoard operating voltage is 5 volts, which is required for use with most Vernier sensors. You can power the RedBoard either with the USB connector (included) or with a 7-15 V barrel jack power supply (not included).

To use Vernier sensors with the SparkFun Redboard, you will need the Vernier Arduino Interface Shield.

  •     Dimensions: 2.7 x 2.1″ (68.58 x 53.34mm)
  •     USB-to-Serial Chip: FTDI FT232RL
  •     Main Processor: ATmega328
  •     Flash Memory: 32kB
  •     Clock Speed: 16MHz
  •     Operating Voltage: 5 volts
  •     Digital I/O Pins: 14 (6 PWM outputs)
  •     Analog Inputs: 6
  •     Button: Reset
  •     USB Connector: USB Mini-B cable (included)
  •     Barrel jack power connector: 5 mm, with 2.1 mm center pole (center pole +, 7 to 15 V supply)

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