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Pressure Sensor 400 (kPa) 317,73 EUR
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Pressure Sensor 400 (kPa)

Vernier Product Information:

 The Pressure Sensor 400 is the optimal sensor for conducting physical and analytical chemistry experiments, such as approximating the adiabatic expansion of a gas, Charles’ law experiments, and ideal gas law investigations. It measures absolute pressures from 0 to 400 kPa and operates with excellent accuracy over a wide temperature range. The robust metal fittings allow for a tight, leakproof seal to your reaction apparatus.

An accessories kit is included with the sensor. This kit includes
  •     Double-barb brass connector to fit flexible tubing
  •     Nickel plated brass push-to-connect Connector to fit more rigid tubing
  •     Two-foot section of nylon tubing
  •     Two-foot section of plastic tubing
  •     Tightening wrenches and plumber’s tape to ensure a tight seal

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