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Digital Coulombmeter 182,07 EUR
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Digital Coulombmeter

Digitales Coulombmeter

Unilab Product Information:
This unit is a quantitative alternative to the gold-leaf electroscope with internal capacitance 1F, and max. p.d. between terminals of 100V. It can be charged by contact or by induction by bringing a charged body up to the 25mm collecting plate. The 3 digit display shows charge in the range of -1999 to +1999nC. A reset button discharges the unit as required. Ideal for use with the 4.2kV Battery Top EHT Unit F4H28305. Two 4mm terminals on the top are used for connection to ground and to the charging body. Mass: 0.25kg Size: 95 x 90 x 50mm Powered by an internal PP3 battery (not supplied).

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